• Investabill ETR® are specifically designed to protect every Investors’ funds
  • By rigorous enforcement of the 4-Tier Capital Protection policy at all times
4-Tier Capital Protection

Investabill ETR® have been specifically designed with the primary objective of protecting Investor funds and also to ensure that the agreed Buy rate/yield, or interest, is delivered. The simple, effective and tested set of capital and yield protection mechanisms are managed by the 4-Tier Capital Protection Policy. The 4-Tier Capital Protection Policy is extensively documented and rigorously enforced to deliver on the Credebt Exchange® commitment to Investors.


1. ETR Off-Set

4-Tier Protection
  • Any unpaid ETR is replaced by a new Eligible ETR
  • Credebt Exchange controls a large ‘pool’ of Investabill ETR

2. Reserve

  • 90% is the average amount paid to Purchase an ETR
  • The remaining 10% Reserve protects against default

3. Loss & Default

  • All Traded ETR contribute to the Loss & Default fund
  • Loss & Default fund supports ETR Repurchase exclusively

4. AIG Insurance

  • ETR specific AIG policy supports 4-Tier Capital Protection
  • AIG Credit Default Protection [CDP] refunds Investors

4-Tier Capital Protection is not a credit guarantee or commitment from Credebt Exchange®. Credebt Exchange® will only accept direct investment from qualified, professional Investors and all investors, regardless of circumstance, are advised to consult a qualified financial advisor or accountant. For more details, use the support form to contact us or call us on +353 1 685-3600.