• Investabill® & Leasabill® are flexible, cash equivalent investment products
  • With investor care, protection and commitment as core principals

Chief Executive’s Letter 2017

As explained in the accompanying pages on this site, Investabill ETR® is an ‘on demand’ product that competes directly with bank deposits. Leasabill® is essentially the same product except the investment is for a committed term and if the principal is returned prior to term, the interest is forfeited. A 60:20:20, Investabill®:Leasabill®:Leasabill® split would be a typical strategy used when investing in both products.
Credebt Exchange® is the product producer and has traded EUR 250.0m+ in the past 4+ years. In 2017 we will trade EUR 100.0m+. Founded in 2011, the board consists of Colm Doherty, Christopher McCann and Patrick Reynolds. Deloitte recently commented that for a company of its size, our governance and oversight were of a higher standard than they would expect.
The company’s founding principal is to always protect and return Investors’ money and the agreed Buy rate/interest. The Credebt Exchange® Reserves of EUR 4.0m+ are used regularly to ensure adherence to this core principal. The additional protection of the AIG® ‘wrapper’ underpins this commitment. We offer to take ‘first loss’ because we take our job very seriously.
Investabill® and/or Leasabill® should be considered as part of a balanced investment portfolio. As trade based products that cannot be regulated by the Central Bank, they may not suit every Investor. For c.800 Investors and in excess of EUR 50.0m invested to date, the Exchange has never failed to return Investors funds with the agreed Buy rate. This is unlikely to ever change.
As an Investor, we encourage you to discuss our products with any one of the many professional investment advisors we have appointed. As an intermediary, we expect that Credebt Exchange® will bring diversity and solid returns to your clients. In doing so, your clients should also understand the social conscience in our products. In addition to market beating returns, these funds support Irish businesses, create employment and contribute to the overall growth of the Irish economy.
As founder and chief executive, my personal commitment to you and your clients is to ensure the utmost in care and attention in everything we do. Almost the entire investment used to build this company came from my personal funds. Also, a significant portion of my own wealth will remain on the Exchange for as long as I remain a shareholder.
Should you chose to join the leagues of intermediaries and Investors that are Members of the Exchange, you will be welcomed and genuinely cared for like no other.
Patrick Reynolds
Chief Executive