• Actual Investor examples of Investabill ETR® trades & their results
  • Demonstration of liquidity, yield/interest & a sample tax advantage

Investabill ETR® Examples

The following are simple examples of how existing Investors have used Investabill ETR® as a cash-equivalent alternative to bank deposits. In addition to significantly enhanced yield/interest and because Investabill ETR® for an individual are a Capital Gains Taxable [CGT] item, as can be seen from the tax advantage sample below, on an investment of EUR 100,000 the net gain is some 60%+ better than the alternative Deposit Interest Rate Tax [DIRT].

As an example, an Investor purchases EUR 100,000 of Investabill ETR® where their investment intermediary negotiates the rate and fixed term with an Exchange Specialist and agrees a Buy rate, or yield of 3.000%. If the funds are invested for the full period and all ETR are fully paid, the Investor would receive EUR 103,000 (net of all costs & fees) in a 12 month period. Reinvestment can be renegotiated.

The following are three recent investment results and a tax computation. The tax example shows the savings generated by the Capital Gains Tax [CGT] on Investabill ETR® versus the Deposit Interest Rate Tax [DIRT] on the same value in a bank deposit.


Investment sample 1
Investor Secondary School
Funds Source School Bursary
Value EUR 700,000
Period 12 months
Redemption Day 297
Yield EUR 25,637.50
Re-Invested 242 Days Later
Value EUR 350,000
Investment sample 2
Investor Married Couple
Funds Source Pension Savings
Value EUR 483,017
Period 12 months
Redemption Day 365
Yield EUR 19,803.70
Re-Invested At Maturity
Value EUR 100,000
Investment sample 3
Investor Private Company
Funds Source Profits
Value EUR 150,000
Period 12 months
Redemption At Maturity
Yield Coupon EUR 6,375 (coupon encashed)
Re-Invested At Maturity
Value EUR 150,000
Investor Married Couple
CGT Allowance EUR 1,270 x 2
CGT Tax Rate 33.00%
Value EUR 100,000
Period 12 months
Yield (at 2.000%) EUR 2,000.00
Tax Payable EUR – – .- –
0.200% Deposit EUR 58.00 (after DIRT)