• Simple, Safe, alternative investment for your clients
  • 100% Capital Protection
  • 100% Yield Protection

Exchange Traded Receivables [ETR] provide yields of 1-2% above comparable deposit rates and alternatives. A1/P1 ETR yields are multiples of comparable yields/returns.

  • A1/P1 ETR yields are multiples of comparable yields/returns
  • For Retail Investors, ETR are short-term, liquid and low-risk
  • The Master Agreement enables ‘True Sale, Legal Assignment’ of the ETR
  • Investment Grade [IG] yields estimated at multiples of ‘standard’ CP returns
  • Automated trading with limit orders, stops, credit/risk, equivalent ratings, etc.
  • Portfolio management metrics, trading algorithms & risk reports
  • IG, High Yield [HY] & Non-Rated [NR] ETR for Intermediaries & intermediaries
  • Prime/non-Prime, HY & NR ETR available in volume, to ‘Trade on Your Terms’
about Icon By Rating, Debtor, industry and/or limits
about Icon Automate limit orders, stops, risk, etc.
about Icon Portfolio management & reporting
Global Settings   Multiple Intermediary ‘Global Settings‘ enable automated trading with tight control on specific investment and risk and equivalent rating limits
Portfolio Management   The Global Settings combine specific credit/risk stops on Rating, NACE codes, Debtor and/or Originator combinations
Reports & Reporting   For improved portfolio management. Third-party risk & credit analysts provide on-demand reports, on all Debtor, Originator and industry sectors
about Icon Debt collection delays
about Icon Legal challenge to Master Agreement
about Icon Secured as ‘True Sale, Legal Assignment’
ETR Purchase   Traded ETR are purchased at a discount on the Face Value
Risk Mitigation   As a guideline only, annual risk can be compared to the national mean delinquent debt percentage across all industry sectors
Risk Minimised   Overall risk minimised by each Traded ETR being low value (relative to equivalent CP)
Secured Debt   Traded ETR is True Sale, Legal Assignment with full recourse to Debtor
about Icon Low-risk, liquid and short/medium terms
about Icon Increased by risk/spread management
about Icon 6-month coupons (90/90+ days cancellation)
Strong Returns   Yield is short or medium term and ‘rolled’/reinvested for improved annual yield
Improved Yield   Invest in equivalent rated HY/NR NACE categories for managed portfolio yields
6-Month Coupons   On short/medium term, coupons can be returned on 6-month cycles with advance notice
Account Closing   Suspending/closing account requires 90 days advance notice and 90+ days to complete all settlements (on average)