• Investabill™ ETR are a ‘cash equivalent’ competitor to bank deposit rates
  • With no ‘lock in’ period & 5-Day redemption without any penalty fees

Investabill™ ETR Liquidity

As a ‘cash equivalent’ and alternative to bank deposits, Investabill™ ETR are a liquid investment and early redemption is possible. Early redemption occurs when an Investor cancels an investment prior to the agreed maturity date, for example an investment with a maturity date of December 31 is redeemed on June 30, i.e. 6 months before its maturity. Credebt Exchange® ensures that any investment in Investabill™ ETR can be liquidated quickly so that the Investor’s funds are redeemed in the shortest possible time.

As a liquid market, an Investor can expect to have their investment returned in the times set out below. For example and using the table below, an investment of EUR 250,0000 can be fully redeemed in 5 – 7 days. This means that if a request is made by an intermediary to cash-out/redeem and investment where the value of the investment is EUR 250,0000, then the intermediary can expect that their investor will be ‘in funds’ within 7 working days or less.

Liquidity Table
1 – 2 Days EUR             0.00 – EUR   50,000.00
2 Days, or less EUR   50,000.00 – EUR 100,000.00
3 Days, or less EUR 100,000.00 – EUR 250,000.00
5 – 7 Days EUR 250,000.00 – EUR 500,000.00
Market Conditions EUR 500,000.00+