2014-Q4 ETR Briefing

Exchange Traded Receivables [ETR], are loans or bills, the “Investabills”, issued under Contract and such Investabill®  are payable by investment quality† companies, or credit insured Investabills from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. As at Q4, Credebt Exchange® held RSA of EUR 23.6m, with EUR 5.6m allocated and EUR 0.2m Investor redemptions requested. The full spectrum of available ETR was utilised.

Strong treasury management continues to improve ETR settlement to EUR 4.9m, or 78% of all outstanding trades.


2014-Q4 was the fourth quarter and first full year of trading for the Exchange. Total Debtors numbered 480+ with a total trade of EUR 18.8m to Y/E. Daily volume increased by 16% on the previous quarter. Highest single value trade was in November at EUR 0.18m. Total current RSA are valued at EUR 23.6m+


Yield remained stable for the quarter at an average of 3.47%. Originator trading volumes increased by 16% with continues strong Originator supply expected for 2015. Additional capacity for RPA in excess of EUR 50.0m+ are expected in 2015 with new institutional demand of EUR 10.0m remaining confirmed during the quarter (subject to contract).

2014-Q4 ETR Briefing Trade Credebt

2014-Q4 ETR Briefing

† Investment quality is a combination of Investment Grade [IG] organisations & other credit worthy organisations, as determined by AIG and other credit rating providers, from time to time

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