Attractive gains for clients through a secure, robust and Insured platform. 

Client funds are liquid and can be redeemed at short notice.

ETR [Exchange Traded Receivables]: A simple & safe, ‘cash equivalent’ competitor to bank deposit rates

Allocation: 100% Buy rate/interest execution & 100% Net allocation

ETR are a short-term, liquid and low-risk investment (with a risk rating of 2)

Tax savings on returns vs DIRT

Value of Investabill® traded to date is EUR 300.0m+

Intermediaries Trade Credebt

Liquidity Table

Investabill® Liquidity

1-2 days

EUR  0.00 – EUR   50,000.00

2 days, or less

EUR  50,000.00 – EUR 100,000.00

3 days, or less

EUR  100,000.00 – EUR 250,000.00

5-7 days

EUR 250,000.00 – EUR 500,000.00

Market Conditions

EUR 500,000.00+