2018-M09 ETR Briefing

Investabill ETR® are fixed value Exchange Traded Receivables Receivables that are loans or bills issued under contract for goods and services supplied to investment quality† companies, or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. As at M09, Credebt Exchange® held Active RSA of EUR 93.40m, with EUR 23.74m allocated. Investors redeemed EUR 0.84m in the period and trading for M08 was EUR 10.20m+ with all available ETR were utilised.

Treasury performance at EUR 7.79m of settled ETR was still below the trade value for the month. This was due to continued strong Originator trading versus settled trades.


2018-M09 v 2017-M09 continues its significant increase in trade volume of 43.39% with a marginal improvement in trade value of 3.39%, year-on-year. Total trade of EUR 10.20m for M09 improved overall growth for the year by 12.51%. Trading continues to show a moderate growth for the year. Total creditors & debtors were c.4.8k. Highest single value trade was EUR 0.42m. Total trade for the Year increased to EUR 94.20m+


Yield remained stable for the period at 2.043% to 2.080% in the month. This narrow spread continues to be driven by the stabilised supply v demand as the year matures. The Branch Network initiative short-listed 4 candidates with some new opening announcements expected in M10. Available Active RPA capacity was 93.40m+

2018-M09 ETR Briefing Trade Credebt

2018-M09 ETR Briefing

† Investment quality is a combination of Investment Grade [IG] organisations & other credit worthy organisations, as determined by AIG and other credit rating providers, from time to time

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