2019-M12 ETR Briefing

Investabill ETR® are fixed value Exchange Traded Receivables Receivables that are leases, monetary obligations or bills issued under contract for assets, goods and services supplied to investment quality† companies, or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. As at M12, Credebt Exchange® held Active RSA of EUR 32.13m, with EUR 31.96m fully allocated. Investors redeemed EUR 0.56m in the period and trading for M12 was EUR 11.82m+ with all ETR utilised.

Treasury performance at EUR 6.80m of settled ETR was still below the trade value for the month. Seasonality and new Originators are the primary reason for the wide variance.


2019-M12 v 2018-M12 showed a decline in trade volume of -50.57% but with a substantial trade value increase easing of 39.49%. This reversal of fortune can be attributed to the 2020 plan beginning to show results. The Credebt® Index of 112 makes a favourable market for the Exchange. Y/E total trade was c.EUR 100.88m. Total creditors & debtors were c.5.4k. The largest single trade was EUR 0.96m


Yield average increased to c.1.940% in the month starting at 1.924% and ending on 1.927%. A decisive Brexit has helped stabilise the price. The increases in the Credebt® Index and in demand from Originators should see this figure stabilise at c.1.900% – 2.000% as the Year closes and the 2020 plan unfolds. Available active RPA capacity was EUR 32.13m+

2019-M12 ETR Briefing Trade Credebt

2019-M12 ETR Briefing

† Investment quality is a combination of Investment Grade [IG] organisations & other credit worthy organisations, as determined by AIG and other credit rating providers, from time to time

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