4-Tier Capital Protection

Investors’ funds are protected using 4-Tier Capital Protection, as follows:

  • ETR Off-Set – ETR not Settled (i.e. paid in full) are replaced with Eligible ETR
  • Originator Reserve – paid from Reserve on all Traded ETR (averages 10% of all ETR)

Originator credit insurance protection

  • Credebt Exchange® loss and default reserve – paid from founders funds†; and/or
  • AIG insurance


  • Selling model, as opposed to a lending model
  • No liens & no personal guarantees
  • Low discount rates & no ‘face value’ charge
  • Access up to 90% of your invoices’ value quickly
  • Single Membership fee, regardless of volume
  • Payment terms can be greater than 90 days
  • Not required to sell all invoices/entire ‘book’
  • No long term contract & leave at any time
  • No ‘Debtor Concentration’ (i.e. no maximum value per Debtor)
  • Block trading & trade automation are possible
  • No retrospective, refactoring, or review fees
  • Simple, streamlined online reporting
No personal guarantees *
No liens/debentures *
Quick application
Quick decision
Commercial perspective
Consultative process
No credit limits
Light on administration
Quick access to cash
No exit fees *

We’re Traders, Just Like You
& We Want to Work With You

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