ETR Overview

Credebt Exchange® was founded in 2011, specifically to address two important issues in the economy: 1. liquidity in the micro-medium business sector; and 2. providing a strong, stable, cash equivalent alternative to bank deposits for Investors. Trading commenced in July, 2013 and Credebt Exchange® continues to deliver on its commitments to both businesses and Investors.

The Investor’s yield is achieved by purchasing Exchange Traded Receivables [ETR] at a discount. As explained in the ETR Fact Sheet, ETR are invoices issued under Contract for goods and services supplied to investment quality companies or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. ETR provide Investors with:


  • ETR payable by investment quality companies
  • 100% ETR Repurchase (see AIG in the ETR Fact Sheet)
  • 4-Tier capital protection (see ETR Overview)


  • Using RPA, typical investment period is 1-Year revolving
  • Full or partial redemption available on request
  • No ‘break charges’ or early redemption fees


Tax Efficient

  • Significantly tax efficient for individuals with annual exemption
  • Subject to status, may be off-set against capital losses
  • Individual’s return taxed as a capital gain



  • Substantial increase on comparable bank deposit rates
  • Capital not committed for long periods, or years
  • Higher yield than alternative cash equivalents
No personal guarantees *
No liens/debentures *
Quick application
Quick decision
Commercial perspective
Consultative process
No credit limits
Light on administration
Quick access to cash
No exit fees *

We’re Traders, Just Like You
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