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In accordance with the Credebt Exchange® Master Agreement sub section 6.13: “The Account Bank will draw any fees and/or commissions that the Member owes to Credebt Exchange® from the relevant Member Account. Credebt Exchange will provide the Member with an electronic invoice of such fees to the Member.” Sub section 6.13 also states: “In the event that a Member does not pay all amounts owed to Credebt Exchange, Credebt Exchange shall have the right to set-off any amounts then owed by the Member to Credebt Exchange against any amounts then or thereafter due to the Member and/or Credebt Exchange shall have the right to deduct any outstanding amounts due to Credebt Exchange from any Collections in respect of a Traded ETR, or from the Member Account, in respect of that Member.”

Fees are liable for VAT and electronic invoices are issued for each charge that may include a:

  • Arrangement Fee – one-time setup charge for arranging Membership as indicted on the RSA Offer
  • Debtors Ratings Fee – €11.75 charge for checking each Debtor’s credit rating when requesting an RSA Offer
  • Digital Certificate Fee – annual digital certificate charge as indicted on the RSA Offer
  • Membership Fee – monthly charge for Exchange Membership as indicted on the RSA Offer
  • Posting Fee – discretionary charge per posted ETR as indicted on the RSA Offer
  • Collection Charges – discretionary charge for providing credit management and/or debt collection services

Fees are charged on the first ETR sales transaction conducted by the Originator each month. In the absence of any sale of ETR in any month, in accordance with the Credebt Exchange® Master Agreement, fees may be deducted from ETR Settlement or Reserve payments. To view specific RSA Offer(s) and invoices for all fees charged on a Member account, login to the Exchange Trade Centre | Dash Board and use the My Reports link on the left side of the Exchange Trade Centre | Dash Board.

All ETR trading is subject to the Discount and Commissions specified in the RSA Offer. The total Discount is easily calculated as explained in the Calculate the Cost of Funds article. Neither the Discount nor the Commissions are liable for VAT and no invoice is required because these are an integral part of the Purchase Price and the Reserve calculations. These are automatically deducted from transaction payments and may include a:


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