Year-2 Success Continues

Credebt Exchange completed its second full year’s trading on Friday last, 2015-07-03 and continues to prosper. Continued, careful, prudent management of supply and demand enabled the Exchange to manage an orderly market whilst meeting both Originator and Investor expectations as published. From the outset, the management of Credebt Exchange stuck to its principal aims of of ensuring Investor funds are protected at all times and that Investors’ yield is delivered. Coupled with this core objective, the Exchange also ensured that intelligent finance was delivered to Originators and Investors alike.

Building on its continued success, multiple management roles were added and filled with overall staffing levels increasing by 300%+ in the first half of 2015. In addition, a board was formally appointed in Q2 of 2015 that will sit formally, for the first time in Q3 of 2015. To date, Board appointments are not officially published and once announced, the primary function of the Board will be to oversee risk and compliance. To ensure open communication and transparency, Treasury will report directly to the Board on a monthly basis without any executive management input. This is specifically designed to ensure proper and adequate controls remain at the centre of Exchange policy and practices.

As can be seen from the 2015-Q2 Briefing, demand and supply quarter-on-quarter growth rates in excess of 160%. Intermediaries demonstrated continued support for Credebt Exchange® with increased Investor funding combined with many Investors deciding to re-invest both their principal and yield for a third year. New Intermediary appointments are expected to double those of 2014.

Originators continue to seek out Credebt Exchange Convertibill™ intelligent, handsfree finance specifically because of its ease of use and swift execution service provision. During 2015-Q2 Originators from wide and diverse industry cross-sections continued to join the Exchange with particular interest from retail, medical, services and import oriented businesses. During the Summer months, it is expected that Originators will increase by another 20%+ with a total of 100% growth in new Originators expected before year-end.

Credebt Exchange continues to demonstrated its flexibility and capability and looks forward to strong expansion during its third year of trading.

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