Investabill® are Exchange Traded Receivables that enable Investors to buy an attractive investment return. The yield is generated from small-medium sized Originator businesses selling their Investment Quality† invoices at a discount.

Credebt Exchange® markets the discounted ETR as Investabill®. Investabill® are fixed value ETR that are leases, monetary obligations or Bills issued under Contract for assets, goods and services supplied to Investment Quality† companies, or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers.

How It Works Trade Credebt


Investment yield is achieved by purchasing ETR at a discount

Coupon/yield paid quarterly or annually

Redemption on demand is possible, subject to liquidity

Discretionary investments in any other assets are not permitted

Interest is fixed income

Funds are reinvested on a revolving basis for the duration of the investment period


Strong, Low Risk Returns

Investabill® offer a stronger return than bank deposits

Returns are from Investment Quality invoices payable by blue chip companies and government organisations

There are no fees for Investors in Investabill®

Investors may choose from lodge and withdraw ‘on demand’ ETR or invest for committed periods for higher returns


Originator businesses issue invoices every day. Many of these invoices are payable by large Investment Quality companies. Time to payment can be an issue. To improve cash flow, Originators may choose to discount and sell their payables and receivables to Credebt Exchange®. It is through these invoices that Investors make their return.


The Investors’ yield is achieved by purchasing ETR at a discount. The Credebt Exchange® Master Agreement ensures credit liability is with the Investabill® debtor company. This is the payor of the invoice. Typically these are bluechip, household name companies or government organisations. †Investment Quality is a combination of Investment Grade [IG] organisations and other creditworthy organisations, as determined by AIG and other credit rating agencies that are approved and authorised by the Credebt® Team.

How It Works Trade Credebt