2020-M05 ETR Briefing

Investabill ETR® are fixed value Exchange Traded Receivables that are leases, monetary obligations or bills issued under contract for assets, goods and services supplied to investment quality† companies, or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. As at M05, Credebt Exchange® held Active RSA of EUR 22.43m, with EUR 26.78m fully allocated. Investors net redemptions were EUR 0.09m in the period with trading of EUR 5.85m+ and all ETR utilised.

Treasury performance at EUR 7.00m of settled ETR was higher for a third month in a row. This stable improvement can be attributed to the decrease in trading for the month.


2020-M05 v 2019-M05 showed a decrease of 57.29% in trade volume, due to Covid-19 but overall trade value remains marginally up at 6.63%. There was less than EUR 100.0k Investor withdrawals during the month. The Credebt® Index almost hit another all-time high at 115. The market for the Exchange continues to grow in line with expectations and Originator demand continues to rise. Total creditors & debtors were c.6.0k. The largest trade in M05 was EUR 1.06m


Yield average started at c.1.879% and ended down at 1.824%. The expected price increase in Q2 has not materialised and should occur in Q3. The Credebt® Index remains high and should drive Originators’ supply. The Irish/UK markets are now in a recession and the Exchange continues to see a steady increase in trade enquiries. Available RPA was EUR 22.43m+

2020-M05 ETR Briefing Trade Credebt

2020-M05 ETR Briefing

† Investment quality is a combination of Investment Grade [IG] organisations & other credit worthy organisations, as determined by AIG and other credit rating providers, from time to time

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