• ETR are trade receivable invoices payable by good quality debtors/payors
  • Investors’ yield/interest is generated by purchasing ETR at a discount


Investabill ETR offer a unique alternative to bank deposits with:
  • 100% Buy rate execution (i.e. yield)
  • 100% net allocation & no management charges
  • 100% ETR Repurchase (see protection from AIG)
  • Flexible, regular income options
  • No charge for quarterly or annual income
  • An open ended term with no minimum commitment
  • A cash-equivalent alternative to bank deposits


Investabills are fixed value Exchange Traded Receivables [ETR] that are Loans or Bills issued under Contract for goods and services supplied to investment quality companies or credit insured invoices from Investment Grade [IG] insurers. The Investor’s yield is achieved by purchasing Investabill ETR at a discount. The Credebt Exchange Master Agreement ensures credit liability is with the Investabill ETR debtor company, or payor of the invoice.


The Committee of European Securities Regulators [CESR] provides guidelines for generating a Synthetic Risk & Reward Indicator [SRRI] value for investments. This method has been adopted by the European Securities and Markets Authority [ESMA]. The lowest risk SRRI/ESMA value is 1 and the highest risk SRRI/ESMA value is 7. The ESMA value is designed to provide Investors with a meaningful indication of the overall risk and reward profile of investing in products like Investabill ETR®. Investabill ETR® has an ESMA rating of 2.

SRRI Indicator


Investor interest/Buy rates change daily. The investment intermediary negotiates the Investor Buy rate directly with an Exchange Specialist, on behalf of the Investor. The agreed Buy rate determines the interest/yield for a fixed term. Each negotiated investment amount, interest/yield and fixed term is then confirmed by the Investor.


Investabill ETR offer a unique alternative to bank deposits with:
  • Trading is automated based on agreed Buy rate/interest
  • Liquid investment with 45-90 day ‘roll-over’
  • Liquidity encashment averages 75-days
  • Flexible & no long-term commitments
  • Buy rate/interest is annual yield net of all costs
  • Medium to high yield return range
  • No early redemption fees